Call for Workshop Papers

Workshops are an important part of REFSQ 2017 that allow discussing timely topics of requirements engineering and bridging the gap between theoretical research and daily practice in the management of requirements for diverse types of systems of different scale, complexity and criticality. The objective is to stimulate a long term continuous dialog for RE innovation to lay the ground for improved practice and future research. Please consider submitting to and participating at the following workshops.

Important Dates

Workshop Paper Submission

January 9, 2017 (recommended, see individual workshops for deviating deadlines)

Workshop Paper Notification January 23, 2017
CRC of the Workshop PapersFebruary 3/10, 2017 (dependent on the workshop)
WorkshopsFebruary 27, 2017

Accepted Workshops

For REFSQ 2017, six workshops have been accepted. These are:
  • CRE: 3rd Workshop on Continuous Requirements Engineering 
(Peter Forbrig, Marite Kirikova, Ahmed Seva)
  • CreaRE: 6th International Workshop on Creativity in Requirements Engineering 
(Daniel M. Berry, Maya Daneva, Eduard C. Groen, Andrea Herrmann)
  • PrioRE: 1st International Workshop on Requirements Prioritization and Enactment 
(Alberto Siena, Fitsum Meshesha Kifetew, and David Ameller)
  • RESACS: 3rd International Workshop on Requirements Engineering for Self-Adaptive and Cyber Physical Systems
 (Marian Daun, Alessia Knauss, Cristina Palomares, Bastian Tenbergen)
  • RESTIB: 1st Workshop on RE for Startups and Innovative Business 
(Andrea Herrmann, Rüdiger Weißbach) (cancelled)
  • WHERE: 1st Workshop on Application of Human Error Research to Improve Requirements Engineering
 (Jeffrey C. Carver, Gursimran S. Walia, Gary B. Bradshaw) (cancelled)

Workshop Co-Chairs

Eric Knauss - Chalmers, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Angelo Susi - Fondazione Bruno Kessler-ICT, Trento, Italy