Accepted Posters

The following posters will be introduced in the poster slam and discussed in the breaks: 

  • Nishant Jha and Anas Mahmoud:
    • MARC: A Mobile Application Review Classifier
  • Michael Rath, David Akehurst, Christoph Borowski and Patrick Mäder:
    • Are Graph Query Languages Applicable for Requirements Traceability Analysis?
  • Yves Wautelet, Samedi Heng and Manuel Kolp:
    • Perspectives on User Story Based Visual Transformations
  • Alessio Ferrari, Giorgio Oronzo Spagnolo and Stefania Gnesi:
    • Towards a Dataset for Natural Language Requirements Processing
  • Jennifer Brings, Julian Bellendorf, Kevin Keller, Markus Kempe, Noyan Kurt, Alexander Palm and Marian Daun:
    • Applying the SPES Modeling Framework - A Case Study from the Automotive Domain
  • Ines Hajri, Arda Goknil and Lionel Briand:
    • A Change Management Approach in Product Lines for Use Case-Driven Development and Testing
  • Claudio Menghi, Paola Spoletini and Carlo Ghezzi :
    • COVER: Change-based Goal Verifier and Reasoner