REFSQ 2020 PC Meeting, Seminar and Dinner


PC Meeting

PC Meeting Location:  The PC Meeting will be held December 13th at CNR premises from 8.30 to 16.00, in Building A, Room 40. To reach the venue, which will also be the REFSQ Conference Venue, please refer to the section "Getting to the Conference Venue" at following link: Please refer to the map at the bottom of the page to reach the Main Entrance and then the Main Door. Indications to reach Room 40 from the Main Door will be provided at the venue.


Dinner at "Ristorante Il Colonnino"

Time and Place:  As traditional, there will be a PC dinner on December 12th at 8 pm in the Pisa city center, location: "Ristorante il Colonnino" (


Pre-PC Meeting Seminar

Agenda: the day before the PC meeting (Thursday Dec 12th), a Pre-PC Meeting seminar will be held at the CNR premises (see above) from 14.30 to 18.00. 


The agenda for the seminar is reported below.


14.30-14:55: Paola Spoletini: Off-the-shelf Training Module for Requirements Elicitation Interviews
14:55-15:20: Matthias Galster: In search of software development knowledge

15:20-15:45: Andreas Vogelsang: Data-driven Risk Management for Requirements Engineering 
15:45-16:10: Elda Paja: ProPrivacy: from privacy requirements to GDPR-certified business processes

16:10-16:40: Coffee Break

16:40-17:05: Nelly Bencomo: Requirements-aware Runtime Models using Bayesian Learning
17:05-17:30: Joerg Doerr: A Holistic Perspective on End-user Involvement in Digital Ecosystems

17:30-17:55: Oscar Pastor Lopez: Temporal knowledge graphs for managing security requirements


Pre-PC Meeting Seminar Location: The seminar will take place in building B, Room C29 ("Aula Faedo"). To reach room C29, please refer to the figure at the bottom of the page and follow the steps below. Information will be provided also at the venue:


1. Follow the red line from the bus top to the CNR main entrance and then to Gate 21 (Ingresso 21)

2. Turn right to reach the stairs and the elevator.

3. Go up to the first floor through the stairs or elevator.

4. If you came through the stairs, turn right and go ahead until the end of the corridor (open all the doors).

5. If you came through the elevator, turn left and go ahead until the end of the corridor (open all the doors).

6. At the end of the corridor, turn left and look for room C29 (on your right, open the door if it is closed)