Where to Eat and Drink in Pisa


Good pasta:


  • Le Bandierine. Specialised in pasta. Medium budget. Via Mercanti, 4
  • Ir Tegame. Specialised in pasta. Medium-low budget. Piazza Cairoli 9
  • La Ghiotteria. Specialised in pasta (we recommend Jack Daniels Pasta if you do not have a talk the day after). Very low budget. Vicolo delle Donzelle, 9/11


Good pizza:


  • Pizzeria La Cereria.Tables outside and inside. Also good home-made desserts. Low-medium budget. No booking, go early to find room. Via P. Gori 33
  • La Cereria alle porte.Same people as above, no tables outside. Viale F. Bonaini 1
  • Bella Napoli. Close to the center, best pizza in town. Low-medium budget. Book in advance or go very early. Via del Borghetto 44
  • Pizzeria Le Scuderie.Fast service (may feel rough). Pizzas are 1-meter long, with 3 toppings (or 1/2-meter with 2). Lots of room. Low budget. Via Sancasciani 1
  • Pizzeria Il Montino.Also (mostly) good for a snack. You get slices of (or entire) pizza and filled “focaccia”. Self-service. Speciality ‘focaccia con torta’ (white pizza filled with a slice of chick-peas-flour cake). Low budget. Via del Monte
  • Pizzeria Funiculà Pisa.The doe of the pizza is very good. We recommend simple Margherita. Lungarno Mediceo, 43
  • Pancino. For the bravest: “pisa-style” pizza, cooked while floating in olive oil. Via Benedetto Croce, 59


Other good restaurants:


  • Numero undici. An original formula: order from the day-menu, when ready they shout it and you go pick it. Informal and friendly environment, good food at low cost. Via S.Martino 47
  • Osteria dei Cavalieri. Very good traditional food. Medium-high budget. Book in advance. Via S.Frediano 16
  • La Stanzina. Many sicilian dishes. Medium-high budget. Better to book. Via Curtatone e Montanara, 7
  • Il Campano. Medium-high budget. Hand-made pasta. Via Domenico Cavalca, 19
  • Al Signor Mimmo. Via Domenico Cavalca, 44/48
  • Repubbliche Marinare. Ristorante and Pizzeria in a quiet square in the center. Medium budget. Decent Pizza and (also) fish restaurant. Vicolo Ricciardi, 8
  • Osteria Culegna. Medium budget.Traditional home-style food. Book in advance. Via Mercanti 25
  • Pepe Rosa. Good meat and pasta. Medium-high budget. Book in advance. Via Renato Fucini, 10
  • La Grotta. Eating in a cave. Medium budget. Book in advance. Via San Francesco, 103


Hamburger, Sandwich or Salad:


  • Il Barracuda. Good burgers. Piazza S. Omobono, 4
  • La Carta Gialla. Good sandwiches with unusual combinations (e.g., strawberries, cheese and ham). Also first courses. Via San Francesco, 91
  • Il Crudo. Prosciutto, Salame and so on, custom made. Piazza Cairoli, 8
  • L’Orzo Bruno.Salads, sandwiches and humus with very good craft beers. Pub-ish feel. Free bruschetta if you go early. Via delle Case Dipinte, 6/8
  • Gramigna. Good craft beers, cheap hamburgers. Piazza S. Felice, 5
  • Jhonny Paranza. Good fried Seafood (or chips). Piazza Chiara Gambacorti, 13


Not italian:


  • Namasté 1&2. Indian Food. Via S. Bernardo, 34 or Via Antonio Ceci, 56
  • Nishiki Koi. Sushi & FusionJapanese food. Via Volturno, 23


Ice cream:


  • Gelateria De Coltelli. For fruit lovers. Season fresh fruit homemade flavours, and more. Also “granita”. Lungarno Pacinotti 23
  • Il Gelato di Toto.  Also very good and homemade. Borgo Stretto, 15
  • La Bottega del Gelato. For chocolate and cream lovers. Piazza Garibaldi, 11.




The center is full of places where to have a drink. Many are on the riverside around Piazza Garibaldi, Piazza Cairoli, and Piazza delle Vettovaglie, with tables outside. Many places offer free food (snacks) at the time of “aperitivo”, that is just before dinner. Others are concentrated around Piazza Gambacorti.


  • Best cocktails, rums, whiskeys at Bar Mocambo, Via S. Bernardo 29.
  • La Torre del Luppolo. Many world-wide selected beers. Via Renato Fucini, 13
  • Good craft beers can be found at Orzo Bruno, via Case Dipinte
  • Same beers are available at Gramigna, Piazza S. Felice, 5
  • The Brewmaster. Traditional. Vicolo del Poschi, 7
  • SUD. Low cost wine or shots. Via delle Case Dipinte, 21
  • La staffetta. Lungarno Antonio Pacinotti, 24
  • La Tazza d’Oro. Low cost good cocktails and beers. Piazza Chiara Gambacorti