Guided Tour and Social Dinner

Wednesday, 25th of March 2020

Guided Tour and Social Dinner at the Museum of the Ancient Ships of Pisa

On Wednesday, right before the dinner, you have the possibility to join a guided tour at the Museum of the Ancient Ships of Pisa (“Le Navi Antiche di Pisa”). The tour takes approx. 45 minutes and ends just in time at the location of the conference dinner. The place is easily reachable on foot from the Pisa city center with a short walk along the Arno river.

Guided Tour at the Museum The exhibition of “Le Navi Antiche di Pisa” takes place in the majestic rooms and aisles of the “Arsenali Medicei” (the Medicean Arsenals), along the Arno river. This place is perfect to host ancient testimonies of the city of Pisa, such as, of course, the great Roman ships. The Arsenals are ideal as they are themselves essential witnesses of Pisa maritime history. They were built almost 400 years ago by Grand Duke Cosimo I de’ Medici’s will. He wanted to strengthen his naval power and resuscitate the ancient glories of Pisa Maritime Republic.

The Exhibition is divided into eight thematic sections that narrate the history of Pisa, from the origins of the city between archeology and legend, to the raise as Maritime Republic, to the Medici time, showcasing deep-sea ships, inland waterway boats, a flavour of the processes of ship construction and repair, and techniques of navigation.
For more information about the visit:

When? Wed 25th March, 2020 - Visits in four groups, from 18.00 to 20.00
Where? Arsenali Medicei, Lungarno Ranieri Simonelli 16, Pisa. About 10 minutes walk from the city center.

The Social Dinner will take place in the museum itself right after the visit.

How to get there?

From the Conference Venue

You can take the public transport, Navetta E, and drop off at Santa Maria 3. See map below.

If you want to walk from the conference venue, it takes 40 minutes.

From the City Center

It's just a 10 minutes walk. See map below.