Accepted Posters & Tools

The following posters and tools will be presented during the conference. Each poster presenter will record a 30 seconds pitch and a five minute video. The pitches will be showcased during the breaks, and the videos will be available for visualisaiton throughout the conference.

Posters and Tools' presenters will provide times slots in which they will be available for direct interaction with the audience.

The best posters and tools will be presented live during the second session of Friday 26th.

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RESim – Automated Detection of Duplicated Requirements in Software Engineering Project
Quim Motger, Cristina Palomares, Jordi Marco

The AMASS Tool Platform: An Innovative Solution for Assurance and Certication of Cyber-Physical Systems
Jose Luis de la Vara, Eugenio Parra, Alejandra Ruiz, Barbara Gallina

Continuous Management of Requirement Decisions Using the ConDec Tools
Anja Kleebaum, Jan Ole Johanssen, Barbara Paech, Bernd Bruegge

Formal Requirements Elicitation with FRET
Dimitra Giannakopoulou, Thomas Pressburger, Anastasia Mavridou, Julian Rhein, Johann Schumann, Nija Shi


Towards a Catalog of Privacy Related Concepts
Mariana Peixoto, Carla Silva, Helton Maia, Joao Araujo

How to Gather Requirements from the Crowd with Hackathons – Challenges, Experiences and Opportunities
Patrick Mennig, Frank Elberzhager

Eliciting Requirements from Citizens – What Can We Learn from Other Disciplines?
Svenja Polst, Frank Elberzhager

What About Catalogs of Non-Functional Requirements?
Rainara M. Carvalho, Rossana M. C. Andrade, Valéria Lelli, Erika Gonzaga Silva, Kathia Marçal de Oliveira

Bridging the Gap Between Requirements and Simulink Model Analysis
Anastasia Mavridou, Hamza Bourbouh, Pierre-Loic Garoche, Dimitra Giannakopoulou, Thomas Pressburger, Johann Schumann