Live Studies

The following empirical studies will be conducted during REFSQ2020:

Live Study on the Perceived Harmfulness of Requirement Smells
Valentina Lenarduzzi, Davide Fucci, and Daniel Mendez

High-quality requirements often are a critical determinant for software quality. But what exactly are requirements of "high quality" and do requirements of "low quality" (i.e., smelly requirements) automatically lead to bad software quality? With your answers, you will help us to understand better the relevance and impact that bad quality requirements have (or not have) on successful project execution.

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Exploring the influence of the emotional state on the efficiency for correcting defects in conceptual models: a live study
Franci Suni-Lopez, Angela Mayhua, Maria Fernanda Granda

The purpose of this live study is to investigate the impact of emotional states on the efficiency of correcting defects within a Conceptual Model verification context. We plan to use the CoSTest tool for verifying defects and measure the experimented emotions during the testing tasks.

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