Accepted Papers


Designing a Virtual Clients for Requirements Elicitation Interviews - Research preview

Sourav Debnath, Paola Spoletini



Conceptualizing Requirements using User Stories and Use Cases: A Controlled Experiment - Scientific evaluation

Fabiano Dalpiaz, Arnon Sturm



Disambiguating Requirements through Syntax-Driven Semantic Analysis of Information Types - Scientific evaluation

Mitra Bokaei Hosseini, Rocky Slavin, Travis Breaux, Xiaoyin Wang, Jianwei Niu



Generation of Formal Requirements from Structured Natural Language - Technical design paper

Dimitra Giannakopoulou, Thomas Pressburger, Anastasia Mavridou and Johann Schumann. 



Explicit Alignment of Requirements and Architecture in Agile Development - Technical design paper

Sabine Molenaar, Tjerk Spijkman, Fabiano Dalpiaz and Sjaak Brinkkemper



Using Eye Tracking Data to Improve Requirements Specification Use - Scientific evaluation

Maike Ahrens and Kurt Schneider



Towards Integrating Data-Driven Requirements Engineering into the Software Development Process: A Vision Paper - Vision paper

Xavier Franch, Norbert Seyff, Marc Oriol Hilari, Samuel A. Fricker, Iris Groher, Michael Vierhauser and Manuel Wimmer.



On Understanding How Developers Perceive and Interpret Privacy Requirements - Research preview

Mariana Peixoto, Dayse Ferreira, Mateus Cavalcanti, Carla Silva, Jessyka Vilela, Joao Araujo and Tony Gorschek. 



 A Methodology for the Formal Legal-GRL Framework: A Research Preview - Research preview

Amin Rabinia, Sepideh Ghanavati, Llio Humphreys and Torsten Hahmann



Identifying and Classifying User Requirements in Online Feedback via Crowdsourcing - Technical design paper

Martijn van Vliet, Eduard C. Groen, Fabiano Dalpiaz and Sjaak Brinkkemper.



How do Quantifiers Affect the Quality of Requirements? - Scientific evaluation

Katharina Winter, Henning Femmer, Andreas Vogelsang



A Semi-Automated Approach to Generate an Adaptive Quality Attribute Relationship Matrix - Technical design paper

Unnati Shah, Sankita Patel and Devesh Jinwala 



Evaluating the Effects of Different Requirements Representations on Writing Test Cases - Scientific evaluation

Francisco Gomes de Oliveira Neto, Jennifer Horkoff, Richard Svenssson, David Mattos and Alessia Knauss



Hearing the Voice of Software Practitioners on Causes, Effects, and Practices to Deal with Documentation Debt - Scientific evaluation

Nicolli Rios, Leonardo Mendes, Cristina Cerdeiral, Ana Patrícia F. Magalhães, Boris Perez, Darío Correal, Hernán Astudillo, Carolyn Seaman, Clemente Izurieta, 
Gleison Santos and Rodrigo Oliveira Spínola. 



Industrial Practices on Requirements Reuse: An Interview-based Study - Scientific evaluation

Xavier Franch, Cristina Palomares, Carme Quer



Requirements assessment in smart city districts: A motivation concept for citizens - Research preview

Svenja Polst and Frank Elberzhager


Visualizing Feature-Level Evolution to Improve Awareness in Software Ecosystems: A Research Preview - Research preview

Daniel Hinterreiter, Paul Grünbacher and Herbert Prähofer 



Automatic Word Embeddings-Based Glossary Term Extraction from Large-Sized Software Requirements - Technical design paper

Siba Mishra and Arpit Sharma



Exploring Agile Requirements Prioritization Using Distributed Cognition Theory: a Field Study - Scientific evaluation

Jim Buchan, Didar Zowghi, and Muneera Bano



Vision Meets Visualization: Are Animated Videos an Alternative? - Scientific evaluation

Melanie Busch, Oliver Karras, Kurt Schneider and Maike Ahrens



A Picture's Worth How Many Words Exactly? Limitations of Photo Minutes in Innovation Workshops - Research preview

Patrick Mennig and Claudia Nass.