The 2019 REFSQ Industry Track will consist of

- a set of high-quality invited presentations,

- an industrial key note,

- some mini tutorials,

- and a deep-dive into Natural-Language Processing (NLP) Tools (including tool demos of commercial NLP tools).

It is planned to have the NLP tool deep dive together with a NLP4RE workshop.


Compared to previous years we will expand the industry activities. Mini tutorials and NLP tool deep-dive will be held on Monday, the presentations on Wednesday.


This year presentations will mainly focus on challenges, i.e. topics that require new attention in industrial RE.

More details will be announced soon.


Have you alredy planned your professional qualification activities for 2019?

REFSQ 2019 is an excellent qualification option if you are working as a professional Requirements Engineer, Requirements Manager, Requirements Engineering Coach, Business Analyst, and so on.