Accepted Workshops

For REFSQ 2019, eight workshops have been accepted. These are:
  • Make Your Own Vision Video – NOW!
 (Kurt Schneider, Oliver Karras, Melanie Busch and Larissa Chazette)
  • CreaRE: Seventh International Workshop on Creativity in Requirements Engineering (CreaRE’19) (Andrea Herrmann, Dan Berry, Maya Daneva and Eduard Groen)
  • The ESSENCE of RE 
(Michael Striewe and Sebastian Brandt)
  • NLP4RE: Second International Workshop on Natural Language Processing for Requirements Engineering
 (Fabiano Dalpiaz, Alessio Ferrari, Xavier Franch, Sarah Gregory, Frank Houdek and Cristina Palomares)
  • Data Science and Machine Learning Methods for Querying and Analyzing Requirements (Michael Rath, Patrick Mäder and Kai-Uwe Sattler) - Cancelled
  • D4RE: Second International Workshop on Learning from Other Disciplines for Requirements Engineering
 (Anne Hess, Marcus Trapp, Kim Lauenroth, Norbert Seyff and Oliver Karras)
  • RE Cares @ REFSQ
 (Alexander Dekhtyar and Nelly Condori Fernandez) - Cancelled
  • CRE’19: 5th Workshop on Continuous Requirements Engineering (Peter Forbrig and Marite Kirikova) - Cancelled