Workshop Dinner (Monday, 18 March 2019 - organized by workshops)

Further information will follow soon!

Tuesday 19th of March 2019:

Welcome Reception

The welcome reception provides a great opportunity to discuss with colleagues and to share ideas. The welcome reception will take place on Wednesday in the foyer of the Atlantic Congress Hotel. The Atlantic Congress Hotel Essen is a superior business hotel in the district Rüttenscheid in Essen. The hotel is located directly next to the beautiful Gruga Park, which offers a perfect surrounding to take a stroll and relax in an oasis of calm. Enjoy a memorable evening with drinks and snacks over inspiring discussions.

When? Starting at 17.30
Where? Foyer, Atlantic Congress Hotel Essen, Norbertstr. 2a, 45131 Essen

Wednesday, 19th of March 2019:

Guided Tour @ Zeche Zollverein

On Wednesday, right before the dinner, you have the possibility to join a guided tour at the worl heritage side Zeche Zollverein. The tour takes approx. 45 minutes and ends just in time at the location of the conference dinner. About coal and miners The path leads through Zollverein Shaft XII’s authentically preserved surface installations. Apart from the impressive ‘New Objective’ architecture, you discover the technology and work at the loveliest and formerly largest and most productive coal mine in the world. From the shaft hall, where the coal arrived, you follow the coal on its travels through the screening plant, where the coal was pre-screened, to its preparation and loading is the scrubbing plant. At the same time you discover the traces of miners and get to know their ways of life and conditions of work. Outside the plant you find out interesting facts about Zollverein’s architecture, nature and its multifaceted process of transformation from mine to modern site of art.

When? The tour groups start between 18.30 and 18.45
Where? Kokerei @Zeche Zollverein, Meeting Point: Information @Kokerei, Areal C [Kokerei], in front of the Mischanlage [C70], Arendahls Wiese, 45141 Essen

Photographs of Zollverein are kindly provided by (from left to right): © Frank Vinken/Stiftung Zollverein, © Jochen Tack/Stiftung Zollverein, © Sebastian Mölleken/"die kokerei"

Conference Dinner @ "die kokerei"

In order to celebarte the 25th anniversary of REFSQ we will enjoy an exquisite conference dinner at the UNESCO World Heritage site Zeche Zollverein. Zeche Zollverein is a masterpiece of mine architecture and often labelled as the most beautiful mine in the world. In 1986 the last miners descended down the shaft for a final shift. Nowadays, it has been transformed into a well-preserved monument, which is a symbol for the change of a whole region. There was more than enough space to accommodate museums, dances, concerts, theatre, culinary art and light. Annually, about 1.5 million visitors from all over the world explore the extraordinary area, attend guided tours, visit exhibitions and celebrate in one of the authentic function rooms. At night, the site is illuminated beautifully and will provide a breath-taking scenery for the REFSQ 2019 conference dinner.

The conference dinner will be hosted in the restaurant "die kokerei", which is situtaed in the old coking plant complex. Enjoy a stunning view over gigantic coke oven battery while you enjoy delicious food and drinks. Join us for an unforgettable night!

When? The dinner starts at 19.30
Where? Café & Restaurant "die kokerei", Areal C [Kokerei], in front of the Mischanlage [C70], Kokereiallee 71, 45141 Essen

How to get there?

There will be a shuttle bus service taking you to the Tour and Dinner location in time!The approximate depaartures times are:

Atlantic Hotel -> Kokerei
18.00 (sharp - buses will be waiting in front of the Hotel @ around 17.45)

Kokerei -> Esen Hbf -> Atlantic Congress Hotel Essen
ca. 23.00
ca. 00.15

Alternative Public Transport

If you want to arrive late or leave earliy you can also use the public transport. Take tram 107 at Essen HBF (Essen Main Station) to the stop Zollverein or Zollvererin Nord. The tram journey will take approximately 20 min. Form the tram stop you will have to walk to the Kokerei which takes about 10-15 min.
Some possible connections as well as map indicating how to get from the tram stop to the restaurant is shown below.

Example deaparture times for 107 @ Essen Hbf:

Walking instructions are shown on the maps below. If you arrive during daylight we suggest you exit at Zollverein and enjoy the UNESCO world heritage while crossing over to the Kokerei. If it is already dark, the area it is advisable to exit at Zollverein Nord as the area is not completely illuminated.

Station Zollverein> -> Kokerei
Station Zollverein Nord -> Kokerei