Accepted Posters & Tools

The following posters will be discussed in the breaks: 

  • Hironori Shimada, Hiroyuki Nakagawa and Tatsuhiro Tsuchiya:
    • Goal Model Construction Based on User Review Classification
  • Jian Shi, Jianqi Shi, Yanhong Huang, Jiawen Xiong and Qing She:
    • Scade2Nu: A Tool for Verifying Safety Requirements of SCADE Models with Temporal Specifications
  • Thomas Krismayer, Peter Kronberger, Rick Rabiser and Paul Grünbacher:
    • ReMinds-CMT: An Interactive Tool Supporting Constraint Mining for Requirements Monitoring
  • Michael Unterkalmsteiner and Andrew Yates:
    • Expert-sourcing Domain-specific Knowledge: The Case of Synonym Validation
  • Michael Dembach, Hussein Hasso, Hanna Geppert and Daniel Töws:
    • Detection of Defective Requirements using rule-based scripts
  • Sercan Çevikol and Fatma Başak Aydemir:
    • Detecting Inconsistencies of Natural Language Requirements in Satellite Ground Segment Domain
  • Fabiano Dalpiaz and Micaela Parente:
    • RE-SWOT: From User Feedback to Requirements via Competitor Analysis
  • Nitish Patkar, Pascal Gadient, Mohammad Ghafari and Oscar Nierstrasz:
    • Towards a Catalogue of Mobile Elicitation Techniques