Getting to Utrecht


Public transport travel times from the airports:
  • Amsterdam Schiphol: ca. 34 mins
  • Rotterdam The Hague Airport: ca. 1 hour 30 mins
  • Eindhoven Airport: ca. 1 hour 25 mins

Travel description from Amsterdam Schiphol airport
Take an intercity train directly from the Schiphol Station to Utrecht Centraal. It will take you about 35 minutes.

Travel description from Eindhoven airport
First, take the airport bus (number 401) to the Eindhoven Station. The bus leaves every 10 minutes and the trip takes around 25 minutes. From the station take one of the several train that passes through Utrecht Central Station, such as the Inctercity to Alkmaar or Schiphol Airport. The train ride from Eindhoven to Utrecht takes 50 minutes.

You can check train schedules and plan your trip on the NS web site. is another website that generates travel plans including train, bus, tram, metro and other types of public transportation in the Netherlands. Google Maps is also well integrated with the Dutch public transport system.


Utrecht is a central hub for several national and international train routes. Have a look at the website of NS to plan your trip to Utrecht.
Train travel times from main station of the respective city to Utrecht Centraal:
  • Amsterdam: ca. 27 mins
  • Brussels: ca. 2 hours 30 mins
  • Paris (Gare du Nord): ca. 3 hours 30 minutes


Utrecht is connected to the A2, A12 and A27, which ensures a great accessibility using national and international highways. Please check your connection on Google Maps.

Getting to the Conference Venue

The conference will be held at the Utrecht Science Park de Uithof. The details will be announced soon.

Public Transport

From Utrecht Centraal take the bus number 28 (Platform G1) to the direction of de Uithof. It will take about 16 minutes (9 stops) to the bus stop "Botanische Tuinen" (Botanic Garden). The conference venue is about 350 m walk to the north. On you way abck take the bus number 28 from the bus stop Botanische Tuinen on the other side of the road. You can check the time tables and routes from other locations in the city from


The bicycle is the most popular and most sustainable means of transport for accessing De Uithof. The university therefore focuses on providing good cycle facilities on the campus. You can rent bicycles at the central station, also many hotels provide bicycle renting services.


You can also take one of the taxis from the central station. The fare is approximately 15€.


If you travel by car, you can park on campus.