REFSQ is comming to Gothenburg, Sweden March 14 - 17, 2016

Keynote by Christoph Thuemmler

“Requirements Engineering for Digital Health”

Healthcare is facing a digital revolution fueled by rapid progressive demographic change and pressing socio-economic issues. The widening gap between the uptake of information technology in health care and other industrial domains such as auto motive, the aircraft industry or logistics suggests that implementation of advanced Information Technology in the health care domain might offer great potential for Personalized Health Care based on virtualization of care and the use of mobile devices. An analysis of public consultations commissioned by the European Commission indicated that the implementation of e-health technologies is rigid and more complex than anticipated. A study conducted in 2012 concludes that there is significant but rather unspecific resistance. The study failed, however, to identify the underlying causes.

In this keynote Christoph Thuemmler will furhter elaborate on the question “What Is Digital Health and Why Is It Important?”. Furthemore, he will talk about Requirements Engineering in Large Collaborative Research Projects and Chances and Challenges with Regards to Requirements Engineering in Digital Health.

Christoph Thuemmler studied Medicine, Political Science and Educational Science and is a fully trained specialist in General Internal Medicine with 20 years of clinical experience. He has worked in Germany, the US and the UK before focusing more and more on smart devices and service oriented architectures in health care. He completed his PhD on Cerebral Haemodynamics with distinction at Heidelberg University, Germany.

Over the last 10 years he has been involved in extensive knowledge transfer activities, especially in promoting the integration of life sciences, clinical practice and computing. He has been involved in large scale research projects on national and international level. As a internationally recognised expert on e-Health he has been involved in expert committees for the European Commission such as the EU/China round table on the Internet of Things and other groups. His research interests lie in the area of the Future Internet including the Internet of Things, work on social technological alignment in health care and the governance of e-Health in a wider context.

Latest research involves studies of expert systems in hybrid clouds and the further assessment of the software to data paradigm. Christoph Thuemmler has also been working in the area of requirements engineering in the healthcare, wellness and ambient assisted living domain. He has strong links with academic research institutions and industries globally.