REFSQ is comming to Gothenburg, Sweden March 14 - 17, 2016

Poster Presentations

A Framework for Information Quality Requirements Engineering,
Mohamad Gharib – University of Trento, Italy

Poster Pitch: we propose a conceptual framework along with a CASE tool for modeling and reasoing about IQ at requirements level.

Mohamad is a PhD candidate at the University of Trento, Italy. His main research area is IQ Requirement.

Transparency as a Requirement,
Mahmood Hosseini – Bournemouth University, UK

Poster Pitch: Engineer it well … Transparency could result in pressure, bias and information overload!.

Mahmood is a PhD student at Bournemouth University working on engineering transparency requirements.


Integrating GUI Mockups and User Stories,
Olga Liskin – University of Hannover, Germany

Poster Pitch: We suggest linking and displaying user stories with GUI mockup elements. We present an approach and would like to discuss its benefits and drawbacks.

Olga is a PhD candidate researching the coexistence of agile and traditional requirements artifacts.

Digital Addiction: Gamificiation for Precautionary and Recovery Requirements,
Keith Phalp – Bournemouth University, UK

Poster Pitch: Digital Addiction: replacing coercion with fun for meeting precaution and recovery requirements.

Keith is Professor of Software Engineering at the Faculty of Science & Technology, Bournemouth University

Motivation as a Supplementary Requirement,
Alimohammad Shahri – Bournemouth University, UK

Poster Pitch: Motivate to fulfil your requirements efficiently and know how to engineer and embed software-based motivation in socio-technical systems.

Ali is a PhD student at Bournemouth University working on motivation as a requirement.