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March 23-26,2015 Essen, Germany

Preliminary Call for Papers: REFSQ 2016

REFSQ 2015 seeks reports of novel ideas and techniques that enhance the quality of RE’s products and processes, as well as reflections on current research and industrial RE practices.

“I heard it first at RefsQ” has been chosen as the special theme. RefsQ’15 is interested in the future of RE, thus in really new views on RE that will be debated in the many interactive formats of RefsQ’15. The results will help to mature the proposed RE innovations and thus lay the ground for future research and practice improvement. In addition to general papers on RE and quality, we therefore encourage submissions that highlight the utilization of RE for solving our society’s great problems, such as the aging society and the expected scarcity of energy, and for utilizing emerging technologies such as smart networks, novel Internet architectures, and the wide availability of sensors and data sources. Contributions from further related areas such as systems engineering, economics, and management are also very welcome for the insights they provide to RE.

REFSQ 2015 Proceedings

The REFSQ 2015 proceedings are be published in Springer’s LNCS (Vol. 9013) series.

The REFSQ 2015 workshop proceedings are published at CEUR (Vol. 1342).

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The REFSQ working conference is the leading European conference series on requirements engineering. It is the goal of REFSQ to foster the creation of a strong European RE community across industry and academia. Since 1994, Requirements Engineering continued to be a dominant factor influencing the quality of software, systems and services. REFSQ seeks contributions which report on novel ideas and techniques that enhance the quality of RE’s products and processes, as well as reflections on current research. REFSQ has a long tradition of being a highly structured and interactive forum. The special format of each session includes the three roles presenter, discussant, and session chair, yielding into highly interactive sessions, filled with discussions among the excellent researchers and industry experts.

In addition to the high-quality scientific program, REFSQ also features a highly interactive Industry Track, Workshops and an for the first time a Reserach Methodology Track.

About Essen

With about 570,000 inhabitants, Essen is one of Germany’s ten largest cities. During the last century the Ruhr city became above all known for having the largest coal and steel industry on the European continent; it is much older than Berlin or Munich and even at that time could look back on a 1000 year history. “Change through culture – culture through change”: the theme that palpably characterises the entire region and the city of Essen has also convinced Brussels. Essen, along with the Ruhr District, has been nominated by the European Commission as the European Capital of Culture of 2010.

Photograpghs of Essen are kindly provided by © “Foto: Peter Wieler / EMG-Essen Marketing GmbH”